DIY Camera Stand

At last the idea popped in my mind to search for a DIY camera stand, as the post title already said. I always see great photos and clips from people showing their books, flipping through them etc, while I always fumble with the pages, half shaded, because I can’t get the (note)books flat without showing my hands. And when scanned, it gives an image which is too flat….

So, after a ‘DIY camara stand’ search on Google I found this:

camera stand


Brilliant, no?
I like the first one better, because you can transform it a bit to fit with the size of your ‘model’ and you can use more photo devices than just your photo camera. (I’m already dreaming of all the books and stop-motion films I’m gonna make…..)

This was posted by LifeOAK staff (click for the tutorials) on the Green Upgrader.

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