Just relax and take it slow…

… as you wíll find your work flow…

OK… ha ha… that just popped up in my head for this posts’ title. I don’t know why this was necessary, but it has something to do with the content..


This morning I read an article in Flow Magazine’s holiday book 2014 about the illustrated quotes-trend you’ll must have spotted on the internet and magazines in the last couple of years. Quotes which gives you ‘small happiness’ and sometimes a little support to get you through the day or a task, assignment or whatever. Or just for a smile. They asked a few illustrators to illustrate a quote Flow picked out for them and printed them on a little poster for the reader.

The above illustration is the contribution of Lieke van der Vorst, based in Helmond, the Netherlands. I think she smuggled a bit, because all the other illustrators did a typographical illustration and she has just put a line underneath. But that doesn’t matter, because it’s a lovely illustration! For a lovely quote!

“Tussen nu en morgen ligt nog een hele tijd.” That’s Dutch for (freely translated) “Between today and tomorrow there’s still a lot of time.”
Meaning something like you don’t have to rush everything into a few hours, because you’ll have lots of time left throughout the day. This, of course, sounds a bit hippie-like, because sometimes you just HAVE to do things in/on time…But this is just a little phrase to calm you down when you need it. And I like it.

And what I like about this illustration is that it does capture the feeling of the quote a bit: “Just sit and relax, and enjoy the moment and your surroundings. And when you get back to what you must to do, you’ll be able to do it perfectly, because you’re calm and your mind is cleared again.” The illustration is also very cute en detailed despite of the big shapes on the background. This contrast works perfect.

If you want to check out Lieke van der Vorsts work (yes, you do!) you can check out her website Liekeland. She also shares some pictures of her beautiful home and garden(!). I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

PS. Maybe I’ll illustrate my dorky quote from above in the future. If you stumble upon it somewhere, maybe you’ll think of me ;).

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