MIID Summer School – Brief #3 -part 1

Last week I received the third and last brief of the Make It In Design Summer School, pattern making. This brief is all about jewels (with a addition of the word ‘dissonance’). For a friend I’m designing a cover for his music project (not sure yet if it will be on tape or vinyl, but I began sketching gem stones and ended with a space theme, so his brief really connect with the first thing and I decided I wanted to add the space theme too. I’ve chosen to use black and white (and what’s in between) only.

I first collected some pictures from my pinterest boards to a digital moodboard. Because I’ll be on holiday in a few days, and gone during the official deadline, I don’t have too much time to collect loads of cool pics (I can spend too much time on that…) and I just started working on the brief.

I painted some possible backgrounds, collected a few sketches I made earlier (like the space thing for my friend’s music), copied some textures from magazines to make cuts-outs later on and browsed through my beautiful book MINERALS – nature’s fabulous jewels – by Arthur Court & Ian Campbell, photographs by M. Halberstadt. (I higly recommend this book!).


Instead of creating beautiful jewelry-jewels, and because I don’t want to use the computer too much for designing this time, I decided to cut, paste and draw geometrical shapes as gem stones. Below you’ll find some sketches.


The next step is to scan all my sketches and play a bit with it in photoshop and illustrator. More of that later.


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