Sweden strikes again!


Yesterday was the grand opening of Europeans biggest Hennes & Maurits shop in the Koopgoot in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The H&M was already situated there, but now it was rebuilt, made bigger and accompanied by Swedens Monki and Weekday (other ‘H&M’-concepts like &Other Stories and COS).

Monki was already situated at the Binnenwegplein, so that wasn’t shockingly new (and it’s also smaller than the old one), but Weekday?! Wow! Cool! Nice! Beautiful! The product prices and quality standards are a bit higher than H&M, in between the Monki and COS prices.

Today I read about it, so I went to check it out. I first visited the new H&M (everything is there, including their HOME collection. Now I never have to shop online again!) and bought some little hairbands. But before I could say “I don’t need a bag, thanks”, the cashier was running up and down the cash desk to grab all kinds of goodies, including an umbrella! It was a bit hilarious…all that for a few hairbands… I thought of leaving the umbrella in a fitting room or something, because I needed to do some groceries later on, quite unhandy. But I didn’t. “Don’t look a given horse in the mouth”, we use to say here in Holland, freely translated…

Up next: Weekday. I already expressed my enthusiasm above. Here’s a picture of my first purchase (WITH a few goodies!). It all looks so nice! And of course my new sweater is fabulous as well….


Next: the Monki, I told you about that already, and then it was time to leave. And it poured! Thank you H&M…


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