Working space ready for 2015

Today it was time to do a bit of cleaning and clearing in my working space. Not much changed, though, and not much cleared either, but it’s the idea and action that counts. In a FB group I’m in someone asked about how everyones working space looks like. It was also a preparation-item for the MATS Bootcamp, (starting tomorrow, yay!), so I thought it would be nice to share it on my blog as well. Killed two birds with one stone…….Ew, that’s not a nice saying…. In Dutch we say “two flies in one slap”. Better…..

So this is a kind of a 360º view of my +/- 8,5 m2 room.
I really love the colour and inspirational pictures and little notes around me, plus loads of arty/diy/design books. I also love love love my big light-box and A1+ chest of drawers(?), my “culture”-dolls (travel gifts from my mother when I was little), my A3 printer AND scanner(!), second hand (maybe Gispen??)desk, although the top can be very cold, and last but not certainly not least: MY VIEW!

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