IK DOE HET NIET – book pre-order!


The last two years I worked on a book for/with ‘IK DOE HET NIET’ (the writer must stay anonymous) and it’s almost finished!

This week I’ll probably have one of the last meetings with her about the illustrations and design for the book IK DOE HET NIET – 50 originele manieren om je ex dwars te zitten (met een knipoog). Freely translated the book is called ‘I’D NEVER EVER’ – 50 original ways to bother your ex (with a wink).

Now the website (designed by inductiedochters, as is the image above) is online and you can PRE-ORDER the book! Yay!
It’s in Dutch, but the rumors are that there will be an English version in the future.
So take a peek! And if you have a terrible ex, you can nominate him or her on the following website with your story: ‘The biggest loser’.

When the book is out I will share some images of the book.

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