patterns around the house #december ’16 – january ’17

This is the fith blog edition of ‘Patterns around the house’.
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Cotton knitted sweater by COS


detail of an Oscar Murillo painting, announcement ad for his 2015 exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in London. Found in Garage Magazine.


Photo detail from a VisitMalta travelling folder.

Flashback Friday #2


The beautiful black and white cathedral in Siena, also known as Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta de Siena.

Republic Moto Rotterdam

(photo from

Yesterday was a energizing day full of ‘social business’!

In the morning I went to Republic Moto Rotterdam. A lifestyle shop around motorcycles; high end accessories and (fashionable) protective clothing will be sold, a cafe and restaurant will stay open after shop’s opening hours and they’ve also big motor-related event plans. OPENING January 2017!

Together with a few other artists, illustrators, graphic designers I’ll be showing my work in their shop through a customized helmet. Their customers will be able to get in touch with us if they like our artwork on helmets, motor parts, accessories, or anything else.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity, given by the store owners Egbert Egberts and Jürgen van Son. And of course my colleague Arthur Spek for letting me customize his cafe racer helmet, where it all started…

Arthurs helmet, photographed by Hans Zijffers from Craftwerk.
@Rotterdamse Roll Out.


Confetti WEEKLY #39 – week 40

This week Confetti is travelling to Nice (FR) to work on a TOP SECRET project in the new Nike shop in lifestyle mall Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
I was impressed by the building/artwork of the French sculptor Sacha Sosno (the building with the face peeping between two blocks), so it had to be in the illustration.


Klei & Zij – window decoration // making of

A couple of weeks ago I decorated the windows of Klei en Zij, situated in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
It’s a tiny studio and shop where they make and sell beautiful products like jewels and art of ceramics, as well as a variety of textile products.

After I visited mother and daughter of Klei en Zij and looked around the shop I kind of immediately knew what had to be on the windows.


I sketched loads of flowers and plants, inspired by examples of a second hand photo book about
‘plants found along the highway’.


I scanned them in, adapted them in photoshop a little and arranged them in Illustrator, scale 1:1. Because I didn’t want to illustrate on the window ‘off the cuff’ (I haven’t got much
experience with this technique yet) I decided to use an example, so I printed the total image on A4 papers.

The weather forecast wasn’t very favourable, so I wrapped the images in plastic (clever, though
I say so myself), because of course it had to be placed on the outside and the drawing on the inside…



Within a few minutes I got the hang of it! Drawing and tracing, it went as well as I was hoping for!
After decorating the two windows it was time for the most exciting part…


Removing the example….
But how does it look like from the outside?


Great! Just I was hoping for! Mom and daughter were happy with the result as well.
It was a great experience and I want to do this far more often!


And the result WITH the products in the window. Nice eh?


As a ‘thank you’-present I chose this lovely porcelain brooch with little silver edges.