this is some music…lullaby

The Cure – Lullaby
album: Disintegration (remastered)

(an instand punch-in-the-stomach-feeling by hearing the intro….phew…)

Yet again a new Recycle Hero is born

Let’s give our new Recycle Hero, born on the 1th of July a warm applause!!!
Although….I don’t think she’ll be needing it….

She likes to sunbathe and doing nothing but parade in her bikini and her golden jewelry. I’m not sure yet what kind of things we can expect from her and I certainly don’t think we’ll be seeing much of her during fall and winter time in the Netherlands.







I made this little Hero for my niece as a ‘baptism’ present (water, gold and crosses on the bikini).

Turning 40

Turning 40 is something you must do in style. In a little church yard for instance, hidden behind the old facades in a narrow historic street… Of course there are some invitations needed to announce this big festivity, which I made for the party-girl-to-be (and mother of very curly, cheeky twins!).

– The background photo is from a ceiling I made in the Zamek Krolewski (Royal Castle) of Warsaw last summer.
– The personal info from the text is being censored.




this is some music…burn the witch/daydreaming

Radiohead – Burn The Witch, Daydreaming
album: A Moon Shaped Pool

I’m sorry for the unorthodox post in this category… I’d normally do my best to spread these ‘This is some music’ posts with other categories, but I want to make an exception.
For a few weeks now I’m very Radiohead minded because of their live tour and new cd.

So here are two of my favorite numbers. Cheesy pick, I know, because they’re their first two releases with video ánd the first two tracks on the cd. The first videoclip….my heartbeat just went up and up….

Yesterday I saw them playing live at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, and with the second number Daydreaming I told my boyfriend to play it at my funeral if I would die that night…Well….I didn’t die, so I decided to share it today.


eye spy

As I’m also doing the course ‘Make Art That Sells, part B’, I sent in a submission for Uppercase’s editorial assignment as well (click here for the first one).
As an artist or creative you have favorite things to wear, to work in or just to picture yourself in, although you’ll never wear it (e.g. because a lack of money, or inconvenience):

I like to picture myself in a big furry coat with some Marni and Gucci references, with a touch of sweet femininity (the flowers and pastels).
My tattoos, for some reasons they’re all about eyes in some way, had to be in the picture too.  And I’ve also just purchased a very cool blouse with eyes, quite similar to one of my tattoos…. So of course this all had to be a part of my editorial ‘fashion portret’.
I added plants, the night and a strange place too, whereas those are my recurring fascinations in illustrations lately.