Confetti WEEKLY #37 week 35-36-37

This WEEKLY covers the last three weeks while I was on a holiday.
I had a great time in Denmark and Germany. We (boyfriend and I) went by car, crossing some boarders, some rivers, saw some cities, beautiful musea and some history. Had some rain, had some sun, had some nice food, had some nice drinks, outlived some aggressive mosquitoes, trembled during -100•C while camping (ok, that’s a bit over exaggerated, but it wás freezing cold). Said some ‘tak’s (‘yes’ in Danish), said some ‘nein’s (‘no’ in German), and went back home.


Confetti WEEKLY #36 – week 34

For the last couple of weeks Confetti realized a kitchen in the shape of a saucepan(!) for cooking supply shop Kookpunt in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The result is fantastic, I must say.

Confetti WEEKLY #35 week 33

Last week Confetti created signage, printed on wood, for Beerfestival HOP in Rotterdam.
“Who is that man”, I can hear you thinking…. The festival was located in the Wijkpark where the ‘Giant of Rotterdam’ lives. It’s a statue of a very tall man who used to live in Rotterdam, back in the days…


Confetti WEEKLY #34 – week 32

Last week Confetti Reclame made and delivered some NIKE ‘props’ and signing for the latest Air Max shoe ‘AM95’ in sneaker shop No Boys Allowed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Confetti WEEKLY #33 – week 31

Last week Confetti Reclame installed a new Nike campaign in several shops. Loads of 3D impressions and 3D prints were involved. That’s what Confetti can do as well!