Patterns around the house #July’16

The 15th of July I’ve started a weekly Instagram project to get more pattern minded. Last year and this year I found myself buying more clothing with patterns all over it. It’s a nice contrast seeing them laying between my dark colored stuff in the closet and I find it a nice change to wear them as well!

To get even more pattern minded (for creative purpose) I thought I’d collect them as well, captured in a pic as reference material. And I thought, like many people do, Instagram is a good medium for this…It brightens my account too!

So…every week a pattern, shared on Instagram (and Facebook) and I’ll post them once a month on this blog, categorized ‘PATTERNS AROUND THE HOUSE’, found in the right menu.

This one’s for July!


Pillow cushion on the couch.


Tablecloth on the balcony table.


Puppets my mother brought me once from one of her travels.

Turning 40

Turning 40 is something you must do in style. In a little church yard for instance, hidden behind the old facades in a narrow historic street… Of course there are some invitations needed to announce this big festivity, which I made for the party-girl-to-be (and mother of very curly, cheeky twins!).

– The background photo is from a ceiling I made in the Zamek Krolewski (Royal Castle) of Warsaw last summer.
– The personal info from the text is being censored.




Confetti WEEKLY’s bundled!

The weekly illustrations for Confetti Reclame are now bundled in this little poster book and herring-theme-wrapped for the clients!











ik doe het niet


July 2015 was a good month!
The book I have been working on for almost two years, together with the author and
‘mother’ of IKDOEHETNIET (her name must be kept anonymous), is OUT!

The book is fully titled:
IK DOE HET NIET – 50 originele manieren om je ex dwars te zitten (met een knipoog).

Freely translated:
I’D NEVER EVER – 50 original ways to bother your ex (with a wink).

The book came to life after a bad break up the author had. In the following days, weeks, months she thought of all possible ways of revenge. But after thinking of them, and sometimes almost planned out, she called herself back with the wise words “I’d never ever…., he’s not worth the energy anymore.” She had so much of those ideas that she wanted to share them with the world, together with the good advice, what became the title as well…

Fifty of them were carefully selected and illustrated.
They’re in order of break up experience: dramatic self-pity, longing back to the good old days, revenge through private and public humiliation, getting over him, feeling sorry, reaching out a helping hand, and finally getting back to your own life again.

Below you’ll find some pictures of the book and the advertising statements.
All the illustrations and the book design are from my hand.
Experience, research and story by IK DOE HET NIET.

(click the images to enlarge)

If you want to contact the author for whatever reason you can check out the IK DOE HET NIET website. If you want to own a copy of this book you can purchase it here. (at this moment it’s only available in Dutch.) If you want to read more about the author’s experience and motivation to start this book, read her story here (in Dutch). And if you’d like to share your OWN story, you can do that here! (every language)

IK DOE HET NIET – book pre-order!


The last two years I worked on a book for/with ‘IK DOE HET NIET’ (the writer must stay anonymous) and it’s almost finished!

This week I’ll probably have one of the last meetings with her about the illustrations and design for the book IK DOE HET NIET – 50 originele manieren om je ex dwars te zitten (met een knipoog). Freely translated the book is called ‘I’D NEVER EVER’ – 50 original ways to bother your ex (with a wink).

Now the website (designed by inductiedochters, as is the image above) is online and you can PRE-ORDER the book! Yay!
It’s in Dutch, but the rumors are that there will be an English version in the future.
So take a peek! And if you have a terrible ex, you can nominate him or her on the following website with your story: ‘The biggest loser’.

When the book is out I will share some images of the book.