there are always flowers

Talking about spring moods (‘Matisse for spring’)…
This quote can help too!


Made by Julia Kostreva for D E S I G N L O V E F E S T.
By clicking here you can download this iphone/desktop wallpaper and more.

Savoy Room – Love Crime

Savoy Room released a new video clip ‘Love Crime‘ on Valentines Day(!) and I provided the announcement images for their Facebook page again (with photos made by Niels Peetjens).

Made by – PMP Films
Director / DOP – Pepijn Tebrunsvelt
Camera – Mick Gooren
Assistant Camera / Editor – Niels Peetjens
Production – Casper Houtman
Choreography – Lieke Verheul & Andrea Renon

Music – Savoy Room:
Lotte Okkerse (vocals), Floor Polder (flute), Casper Houtman (keys), Boris Oud (double bass), Jens Kirpestein (drums)


MF-SR-FB-clip-release-LC-METdatum MF-SR-FB-release-LC-GEENdatum

New work added!

Finally I found some time again to add some of my latest work to my portfolio page. I did some cool little assignments for my work Confetti de Reclamefabriek and finally added some photos of the album artwork for Savoy Room.

    MF-confetti-weekly  MF-SR-album-front

When you click on the pictures you’ll be redirected to the full post.

Recycle Heroes update!

Good news!
I’ve finally decided on a logo style and label for my Recycle Heroes project.
It was about time, because with the coming up of my third Hero (a birthday gift for my aunt) I thought it must have had a proper introduction.



Click here for more pictures of this lovely and stylish RH transvestite, born on the 16th of November 2014.

If you’d like a Recycle Hero to give as a present or want to own one yourself, please contact me and I will make you one for 20,00 EU (excl packaging and shipping). It would be an honor!
In the future I will sell ready-made Recycle Heroes in my Etsy shop.
I’ll inform you about it when they’re available, of course.

Sadie Williams & Other Stories

“A short film created by London-based designer Sadie Williams and her brother Joe, highlighting the creative process behind the high-impact prints and signature textiles found in her co-lab collection for &Other Stories.” — by &Other Stories Youtube-Channel

I really, really like all of this! The stop-motion video, the geometric prints, the glitters, the designs, the music, the visual tactility, the geometric prints, the glitters….

For more info about their co-operation and collection you can check out the &Other Stories website or just go to one of the stores if you’re lucky to have one in your neighborhood (I’m not…).

Below there’s Sadie Williams with the shiny fabrics.
(Photo taken from the &OS website)

sadie williams-other stories

0232709001_1_100030 0232709001_1_100090

0234615001_1_100011 LO-14-46-MI-06_5_301101

And some pictures from the collection…