Klei & Zij – window decoration // making of

A couple of weeks ago I decorated the windows of Klei en Zij, situated in Dordrecht, the Netherlands.
It’s a tiny studio and shop where they make and sell beautiful products like jewels and art of ceramics, as well as a variety of textile products.

After I visited mother and daughter of Klei en Zij and looked around the shop I kind of immediately knew what had to be on the windows.


I sketched loads of flowers and plants, inspired by examples of a second hand photo book about
‘plants found along the highway’.


I scanned them in, adapted them in photoshop a little and arranged them in Illustrator, scale 1:1. Because I didn’t want to illustrate on the window ‘off the cuff’ (I haven’t got much
experience with this technique yet) I decided to use an example, so I printed the total image on A4 papers.

The weather forecast wasn’t very favourable, so I wrapped the images in plastic (clever, though
I say so myself), because of course it had to be placed on the outside and the drawing on the inside…



Within a few minutes I got the hang of it! Drawing and tracing, it went as well as I was hoping for!
After decorating the two windows it was time for the most exciting part…


Removing the example….
But how does it look like from the outside?


Great! Just I was hoping for! Mom and daughter were happy with the result as well.
It was a great experience and I want to do this far more often!


And the result WITH the products in the window. Nice eh?


As a ‘thank you’-present I chose this lovely porcelain brooch with little silver edges.