Recycle Heroes update!

Good news!
I’ve finally decided on a logo style and label for my Recycle Heroes project.
It was about time, because with the coming up of my third Hero (a birthday gift for my aunt) I thought it must have had a proper introduction.



Click here for more pictures of this lovely and stylish RH transvestite, born on the 16th of November 2014.

If you’d like a Recycle Hero to give as a present or want to own one yourself, please contact me and I will make you one for 20,00 EU (excl packaging and shipping). It would be an honor!
In the future I will sell ready-made Recycle Heroes in my Etsy shop.
I’ll inform you about it when they’re available, of course.

A Recycle Hero is born!


My first Recycle Hero (#2) is born on the 29th of March. It’s a new (but on my to-do list for ages) project to recycle my (and my boyfriends) old clothes and make heroic puppets from it for kids. (More of this project will follow). I made this one for my little niece who turned two last week.


The legs are almost as long as her own legs.


Paper Popsicle Memory Game

popsicle memory

Make a Paper Popsicle Memory Game! This really delicious and good looking DIY game is made by Amy Moss, from eatdrinkchic. Click here to read her full post about the game and the tutorial download.

(via Frankie Magazine)