Cafe Racer helmet – custom made

This winter I worked on the design of this Cafe Racer helmet.
With some specific details about the owner it’s a one of a kind ‘show-off’ helmet…







Making of:

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ik doe het niet


July 2015 was a good month!
The book I have been working on for almost two years, together with the author and
‘mother’ of IKDOEHETNIET (her name must be kept anonymous), is OUT!

The book is fully titled:
IK DOE HET NIET – 50 originele manieren om je ex dwars te zitten (met een knipoog).

Freely translated:
I’D NEVER EVER – 50 original ways to bother your ex (with a wink).

The book came to life after a bad break up the author had. In the following days, weeks, months she thought of all possible ways of revenge. But after thinking of them, and sometimes almost planned out, she called herself back with the wise words “I’d never ever…., he’s not worth the energy anymore.” She had so much of those ideas that she wanted to share them with the world, together with the good advice, what became the title as well…

Fifty of them were carefully selected and illustrated.
They’re in order of break up experience: dramatic self-pity, longing back to the good old days, revenge through private and public humiliation, getting over him, feeling sorry, reaching out a helping hand, and finally getting back to your own life again.

Below you’ll find some pictures of the book and the advertising statements.
All the illustrations and the book design are from my hand.
Experience, research and story by IK DOE HET NIET.

(click the images to enlarge)

If you want to contact the author for whatever reason you can check out the IK DOE HET NIET website. If you want to own a copy of this book you can purchase it here. (at this moment it’s only available in Dutch.) If you want to read more about the author’s experience and motivation to start this book, read her story here (in Dutch). And if you’d like to share your OWN story, you can do that here! (every language)

there are always flowers

Talking about spring moods (‘Matisse for spring’)…
This quote can help too!


Made by Julia Kostreva for D E S I G N L O V E F E S T.
By clicking here you can download this iphone/desktop wallpaper and more.

Happy new year Deskback

Happy new year!
I hope 2014 will bring you all the nice things which you actually expected to have received in 2013, but didn’t happen. And of course all the nice things you do not expect at all! (We’ll get back to that in January 2015.)

Below you’ll find one of my good intentions for 2014:

(I’m sorry to tell  you I don’t know who the maker of this piece of type art is. If someone knows, I’ll post the name and website immediately.)

Wanderlust in the broadest sentence of the word. Enjoying holidays more (I’m a bit of a stay-at-home), enjoying the journey to a design more, keep being curious about everything, don’t lose the ‘FUN’ of things.

Having this said (to myself) the year has started!


Mansilliana Sunday

Mansilliana sunday

Mansilliana sunday1


Beautiful papercut art by Mansy Abesamis from Mansilliana Sunday.
And she has got more talents!

(via Frankie Magazine)