Woonbeurs Amsterdam 2013

I finally made the time to upload my Woonbeurs photos. again it was nice to walk through all those beautiful furniture and ‘Magazine houses’. (Everywhere it screamed “RETRO, RETRO, RETRO, CACTUSES!” Overall it wasn’t that surprising compared with last year (but then again, it was their jubilee). A lot of empty places…maybe the crisis striked once again?

But of course there were also some highlights! Below a selection of the snapshots I took with my mobile phone. For more photos you can check out my Pinterest board.



Vitra – what a stunning colour combination!

VT Wonen Barn

VT wonen – garden/balcony

WB2013-deliciousDelicious (Magazine) – golden tips for your household

101 Woonideeën – retro living room

101 Woonideeën – garden/balcony potential

101 Woonideeën – study (and presentation wall)

101 Woonideeën – girls bedroom (I so love the flying doll. Brilliant!)

The Marimekko china was represented very well. (And I LOVE it!)

101 Woonideeën – they asked some designers to pimp up this classical cair.

Eigen Huis & Interieur – life size cactuses

Eigen Huis & Interieur – The colours they used around the house (in combination with the life size cactuses) were beautiful!

More Than Classic – A Taj Mahal or church or not-to-play-with-doll house.


Today I went to Boijmans’ Onderzeebootloods, XXXL Painting.
The submarine wharf is situated at Heijplaat (15 minutes by boat from Rotterdam) and contains XXXL work by artists Jim Shaw (USA), Chris Martin (USA) and Klaas Kloosterboer (NL). The wharf itself is very nice to walk through, because it still looks the same (I think) as it did from the establishment in 1937 until the 1980s when it went bankrubt.

Jim Shaw
Jim Shaw (1952), my favorite artist of the day. He uses old theater backdrops for his art work. You can recognize a lot of Surrealism and Pop Art influence.

Jim Shaw1
Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw2
Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw3
Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw4
Jim Shaw

tumblr_inline_ms3lt3fM8U1qz4rgpChris Martin (1954) – ‘After this you’re on your own…’

Chris Martin1Chris Martin

Chris Martin2Chris Martin

Klaas KloosterboerKlaas Kloosterboer (1959). He makes a lot of abstract paintings which he constructs and deconstructs (making holes in it, fumble it, etc. and sometimes creates bigger than life size suits from it. (cool!)

Klaas Klooterboer1Klaas Klooterboer

Klaas Klooterboer2Klaas Klooterboer

Klaas Klooterboer3Klaas Klooterboer (ouch, my eyes)