Matisse for spring

With the first signs of spring last weekend, and the sunny days after, I’m in need for a mental spring boost to shake my autumn/winterly feeling off. Cleaning up my closet for a ‘clothing exchange’-party I’m attending this Friday is already a big help, but what always gives me a sunny mood are the colourful paintings by Henri Matisse (famous artist and sculptor, 1896 – 1954 France).

Below a random selection of paintings I stumbled upon on Pinterest (so sorry for the bad source sitation). I could add so many more……







Free fall

I already posted about Camilla Engman before, so no introduction needed.


This is her (new?) work (in progress?), called Free Fall. It looks like it’s made of a box for print sheets, trapped in some elastic rubber bands combined with some love and devotion and a beautiful illustrated bunny. I like it very much…

(picture taken from here website.)

Camilla Engman’s contrast


From another item about Camilla Engman in the Frankie newsletter from July 22, I came across her paintings. She is a painter and illustrator from Trollhättan and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was a bit surprised that, while stumbling across her portfolio I recognized an illustration (man with moustache), which was totally different than the work shown in this page!

I caught myself dreaming away in her paintings to a dark place of lost souls, or something, you can’t put your finger on it…. It’s complete different than the previous post about Herikita, but I also love these works. Here are some of her paintings from her website, which, of course, you must check yourself as well…. She also has a blog and a shop, worthwhile watching.

det var en overklig tragedi

Thumb Collection – a quick manual


Last week I finished my second Thumb Collection book. ” What is it”, I hear you think. Well….Are you a person who collects all kinds of stuff like flyers, newspaper- or magazine articles and pictures and posters and other nice looking papers? And do you have several drawers and boxes to collect them in? With the intension to arrange them in different themes? Or pin them on your pinboard or fridge or other vertical or horizontal surfaces? And does it makes you crazy that everything keeps piling up but you don’t want to throw your collected stuff away or glue it in a notebook or something?
Well…that’s me too. I figured out a way to tackle this problem. It’s not the best and it shows some little flaws but for me it works:

At one day, when my drawer got too crowded I piled up everything very neatly and I just smeared a lot of bookbinding glue along one site. Result? A book consisting of all my collected stuff, through which you can easily ‘thumb’.
(Ok. I don’t know if it is a correct verb to use. Google Translate said ‘yes, it’s like ‘browse’, and when I formed a sentence with it, Google said ‘no’. But when I thought of the name it somehow worked. Of course you can give your collection another name when you’re going to use the idea for your problem.)

And the other big plus is that you can easily TAKE OUT the pages when-e-ver-you-like! Isn’t that fantastic?! ‘Yes’, I will answer for you.

Now… Below you’ll find an impression of how a Thumb Collection can look like. (Number one is less nicely looking from the outside, because it was just a test.) At the end of the post you’ll find a beautiful manual which I drew for you. But I think it will speak for itself.




I hope you like the idea, and if you’re going to make one your own, I would like to receive a picture of it, to add it to my post.

To give my collection some more credits then just covering it up, I will regularly post a picture on this blog and try to track down the maker to thank him/her for having done so. A new category is now born: ‘Thumb Collection‘.


————- Especially for Ejhorne I added some photos of the spine ————-

As you can see I made it very easy for myself to cover the spine. As the spine only consists of page edges glued together I just wrapped the cover of the TC book around it and glued it to each other for solidity.


For the second TC below I had two cardboard covers attached to the first and last page of the content and, again, wrapped a large lace around it and glued it to the cover. There are more ways to do this in a neater way, but that’s up to you and/or a a matter of practice and exercise.

MF-TC2-spine-detail-1 MF-TC2-spine-detail


Hereby some of my favorite ‘fashion monsters’ from the exposition in Centraal Museum Utrecht last January:

Again, I do not know al the designers anymore, sorry for that. All the photos are made by E.H. and J.v.O.. For more information about the makers, the project and exposition you can click here and for more information about the designers you can check this Pinterest page by CMU.

walter-van-beirendonck-2  walter-van-beirendonck-1walter-van-beirendonck-6  walter-van-beirendonckwalter-van-beirendonck-4  walter-van-beirendonck-3
Walter van Beirendonck

victor-rolf victor-rolf-1
Victor en Rolf

(don’t know) //
The leg in the back belongs to a design by Pierre-Antoine Vettorello.

(don’t know)

IMG_2222 alex-themistocleous
(don’t know) // Alex Themistocleous

IMG_2221 IMG_2219
(don’t know)

(don’t know)

Charlie Le Mindu

mastori-motwary mastori-motwary-2
Mastori and Motwary

rick-owens  rick-owens-1
Rick Owens

IMAGE00478  IMG_2187
(don’t know)

(don’t know)

IMG_2252 IMAGE00500
(don’t know)

IMG_2175   IMG_2173
(don’t know)

bas-kosters bas-kosters-3 bas-kosters-2
Bas Kosters