After being busy with loads of things at the same time my agenda can finally breath a little.
For me it means I (finally) got some time to share my finished projects on my blog and portfolio website. So first up:

The second assignment from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015:
“Get your inspiration from scenery plates, and create your own ‘wall art’ on wood!”

Like with the first assignment, I started a Pinterest board, to see what’s already out there, and at what kind of style I would be attracted to.

Later on in February I visited Paris and returned to the Picasso Museum (because….I love Picasso!). His goat was there… and, tadaa, that was going to be my theme!

goat picasso(source: Pablo Picasso, by Ingo Walther, Taschen – book)

Because Picasso likes to defragment his objects (like Cubism, you know?) I wanted to try this too, with a little bit of ‘obscurity’. I planned on making four plates with on every one a part of the goat. Below you’ll find some of my work-in-progress photos.


First up: the skecthes. Head, butt, body with some ‘folded’ lambs…and a bird…a leg and some bone decorative edges.


One of my colleagues was so kind to make the four wooden plates(Yay!) and I painted them in a colour I normally would NEVER use if it isn’t necessary. (That was also a test/tip by Lilla Rogers, try some new colour pallets.)


I began with a white layer, so that the colours would come out better.


Then I added the darker colour, for more detail, as you can see.


Again, another darker colour. At this time I struggled with some of the plates, haha.
The deadline to submit was just a few hours away, so….


… I just finished one piece for the gallery. It’s painted with acrylic on wood, and to add more detail I used charcoal (black and white) and pencil.
The other ones I will finish some other time in my life…. I’ll keep you posted.