Recycle Hero #6

Recycle Hero #6 was born on the 23rd of January 2015. He’ll be owned by a baby boy who is not even born yet himself!
In the meantime this fellow turned out to be a Mexican little devil! He cannot keep his hands of all the cacti in my home. Sharp ends? He’ll bite them off in a second! Where he keeps them? I think in his tight jeans, waiting to drop them on every seat! Yep, that does sound like him! This blue fellow needs an owner, and quick!
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MIID – Brief 1 – Work in progress

2014-08-07 17.07.21

Here’s an update of my work in progress for the 1st brief of the summer class of Make It in Design. Because there’s only a small time left I’ve chosen to use paint instead of shape cutting, my first idea (maybe I’ll try that another time). Above you can see my working space. All set!

IMG_20140807_171414 IMG_20140807_171504

After some sketching I decided I wanted to go further with the idea in the right hand corner below: a swimming pool with floating stuff and plants. Instead of just one or two repeating objects, I think I can create some kind of little story or scenery with it. I painted different layers to add it up later in Photoshop.


I think I’ll make a pattern out of four swimming pools with some ‘stuff’ and plants spread across the pools. But first I have to wait until the paint has dried….

Lauriannes Home Plants From Every Site #1



Cactus. First in the series Lauriannes home plants from every site. It will turn out in little booklets, memory, or covers for notebooks, or for all the above! Who knows…