Confetti weekly #41 – week 42

Last week Confetti installed a stand for the company Robot (floor heating) on an Expo boat!
And it sails too!


Confetti weekly #40 – week 41

Last week Confetti installed a stand for Priva at the Energy Fair in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.


Confetti WEEKLY #39 – week 40

This week Confetti is travelling to Nice (FR) to work on a TOP SECRET project in the new Nike shop in lifestyle mall Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
I was impressed by the building/artwork of the French sculptor Sacha Sosno (the building with the face peeping between two blocks), so it had to be in the illustration.


Confetti WEEKLY #38 – week 39

This WEEKLY covers the design and (2x) installation of the outdoor stand for Bio-Organic petfood company Yarrah!


Confetti WEEKLY #37 week 35-36-37

This WEEKLY covers the last three weeks while I was on a holiday.
I had a great time in Denmark and Germany. We (boyfriend and I) went by car, crossing some boarders, some rivers, saw some cities, beautiful musea and some history. Had some rain, had some sun, had some nice food, had some nice drinks, outlived some aggressive mosquitoes, trembled during -100•C while camping (ok, that’s a bit over exaggerated, but it wás freezing cold). Said some ‘tak’s (‘yes’ in Danish), said some ‘nein’s (‘no’ in German), and went back home.