Illustrations for sale!

These three illustrations are now a fact as giclee prints with shiny paint on top!
There are only 10 of each, signed and numbered, so grab yours in my new etsy shop MFPETITEBOUTIQUE!MFPETITE-etsygifje-rug-prints

DeskBack November 2013

On all of my previous blogs (read: which I destroyed due html mistakes, unsatisfied by the looks of it, etc.) I had a returning post ‘DeskBack’ about my desktop background pictures.
Next to everything I do at my computer I need to look at something nice when I click away my screens.
I’m a huge collector of all things I see on the internet, from home inspiration, to fashion, to photography, art and illustration and to enjoy all those pictures, instead of just putting them into folders and never watch them back again, I use some of them as my desktop backgrounds.

And to celebrate all the beautiful things I just RIP OFF(!) the internet, I like to share these pictures with you and yet give my appreciation to the designers, illustrators and artists. (The circle is finally completed!)

So here’s a beautiful illustration by Yelena Bryksenkova, illustrator from New Haven, Connecticut, USA. I really love here clean way of illustrating with soft colours. Please check out more of here work (and you can purchase them too!) at her Etsy shop ybryksenkova.


Aaron Hauck

Aaron Hauck

This beautiful painting ‘Bather’ is made by Aaron Hauck from New York. If you click on the name you’ll be directed to his Etsy shop.

(via Etsy)