MATS mini exercise – socks

This Black Friday/Cyber Weekend I decided to get the Lilla Rogers illustration course Make Art That Sells part A and B (short, MATS A/B). Yay!

I shared some work on the blog when I followed her course MATS Bootcamp. Loved to do it, but missed a few deadlines because of my busy schedule at that moment. This MATS A/B course (more or less a portfolio builder) is self-paced and consists of +/- 70 assignments and exercises, so loads to learn, to work on and to share!

Before I will start the course I’d like to be comfortable again with doing small exercises, to loosen up. This year a few of those mini assignments were shared by the ‘MATS-school’. This is one of them:


MF-matsprep-socks-without back

For this one I set some rules/guidelines:
– I used squared paper I collected from old stamp books from my grandpa (which I never used before and have loads of…)
– draw approx. 5 or 6 socks per page
– work with felt pen, randomly pick four colours for each sheet of paper
– vary in colour and pattern per sock
– keep it simple
– to (extra) clarify it’s a series: sheepishly number the page, write down all the colours, the paper, and sign it.

After one hour I finished the socks and this morning I added the background with some old fashioned water colours (a left over from my childhood which I have never used again until now).





And….While making pictures with my Instagram app, I accidentally tapped a black and white filter…check this out….I find it a pretty cool unexpected effect…