Savoy Room – Love Crime

Savoy Room released a new video clip ‘Love Crime‘ on Valentines Day(!) and I provided the announcement images for their Facebook page again (with photos made by Niels Peetjens).

Made by – PMP Films
Director / DOP – Pepijn Tebrunsvelt
Camera – Mick Gooren
Assistant Camera / Editor – Niels Peetjens
Production – Casper Houtman
Choreography – Lieke Verheul & Andrea Renon

Music – Savoy Room:
Lotte Okkerse (vocals), Floor Polder (flute), Casper Houtman (keys), Boris Oud (double bass), Jens Kirpestein (drums)


MF-SR-FB-clip-release-LC-METdatum MF-SR-FB-release-LC-GEENdatum

Sneak-a-Peak artwork Savoy Room


The first coming out of the artwork for Savoy Room’s new album! It will be out soon, so they’re having a pre-release tour as you can see. At the moment we’re fine-tuning the cover and medio September it will be printed. Exciting!

Savoy Room plays ‘fresh Jazz Afro Latin Funk’ as they call their music themselves. You can follow them by liking their Facebook page and check their latest gigs, releases and music.