Herb pattern

After finishing my MATS A bolt fabric assignment I practiced a little with the BONUS ‘repeat pattern’ taught by Rachel Taylor. I used my herb material from the pasta dishes and moved them around in Illustrator.

This is what I came up with, and it was so much fun making it!
The next step is to learn how to make patterns more interesting and learn more about all the different kind of repeats. Because watching videos, making notes, and practicing one little repeaty-thing isn’t gonna make me a pattern queen. YET! – You noticed that last word?? ;)

But nevertheless I just wanted to share it with you, because I’m secretly a bit proud of the result, since it’s my first fancy looking repeat pattern……Well….not secretly of course, because it’s already all over the internet…..



Confetti wEEKLY #51 – week 52

Last week I made my LAST Confetti WEEKLY!
What a project! 51 weekly illustrations in a year’s time. It was very fun to do, I learned a lot, and the fun part about drawing for someone else on a regular base is that you have to draw things you normally would never do! So thank you so much, Monique from Confetti Reclame, for letting me do this project!

Because this was the last WEEKLY in the last full weekof 2015 I created this festive scene with the usual holiday greetings and included all my Confetti colleagues and freelancers. (I’m the dancer on the left in the 3rd picture.)



nieuw gezin, rene, urwin tickets

confetti in concert

eric hans stagiaires iglo

foodtruck fest

huub op wintersport


laatste weekly

Confetti WEEKLY #38 – week 39

This WEEKLY covers the design and (2x) installation of the outdoor stand for Bio-Organic petfood company Yarrah!


Confetti WEEKLY #31 – week 29

Last week Confetti worked on a secret project for Kookpunt, a large shop in the Netherlands,  where you can buy almost everything for your kitchen… and more.


New work added!

Finally I found some time again to add some of my latest work to my portfolio page. I did some cool little assignments for my work Confetti de Reclamefabriek and finally added some photos of the album artwork for Savoy Room.

    MF-confetti-weekly  MF-SR-album-front

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