Confetti WEEKLY #39 – week 40

This week Confetti is travelling to Nice (FR) to work on a TOP SECRET project in the new Nike shop in lifestyle mall Polygone Riviera in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
I was impressed by the building/artwork of the French sculptor Sacha Sosno (the building with the face peeping between two blocks), so it had to be in the illustration.


Matisse for spring

With the first signs of spring last weekend, and the sunny days after, I’m in need for a mental spring boost to shake my autumn/winterly feeling off. Cleaning up my closet for a ‘clothing exchange’-party I’m attending this Friday is already a big help, but what always gives me a sunny mood are the colourful paintings by Henri Matisse (famous artist and sculptor, 1896 – 1954 France).

Below a random selection of paintings I stumbled upon on Pinterest (so sorry for the bad source sitation). I could add so many more……







Les mots de la carpe

This is so, so, so nice. Brilliantly done! I had several smile- and ‘eeek!’-moments during the animation. I hope I’ll never have to go to a speed-date evening like this one….

I made a screenshot of the credit section, before you just click away the video when finished…

Credits-le mot de la carpe

Thanks drawdrawdraw for sharing the video on Pinterest.