Served In Cold Blood


The result of my second assignment from the course Make Art That Sells, by Lilla Rogers.
Description: be inspired by Staffordshire pottery and create plates for the Home Decor market.

When I read about Staffordshire pottery I got interested by the fact they also used to make pottery of talk-of-the-town news, like elections, celebrities, family dramas, murder cases…
With the last one I instantly thought of the book ‘In Cold Blood’, by Truman Capote, and the movie ‘Capote’, played by Philip Seymour Hoffmann.
Since I was fascinated by the murder story, the book, Capote as a person and the actor Seymour Hoffman, I decided to turn these plates into an ode to them.

For this piece I used acrylics and gouache.
The newspaper is the Volkskrant which I photographed at home.

If you like you can check out this gallery to see the work of my fellow ‘students’.


Recycle Hero #11

A new Recycle Hero has landed on the Earth on the 29th of August 2015.
This headstrong Hero is a great add to the ‘Recycle Hero-collection’.

She just loves to read books! Over and over again, more, more, more. Her head is never too full for words. She also makes notes of everything she stumbles upon and collects them in her
denim jumper with pockets on top and hidden underneath.

There’s only one, kind of funny, maybe a bít crazy thing about her….
She only reads books and uses paper in the colour she’s wearing that day….hmm…..