Nathalie Lété almost made me work today

I cut out this fantastic (for me) picture from the magazine VT Wonen, March 2014 and hung it above my computer. The article was a sneak peek into Nathalie Lété‘s (French illustrator, artist, fashion designer, etc, etc) home and this wall in her studio shows a collection of her work.
I cannot remember when and where I first got introduced to her work, but I know it was a long time ago and I know that I really loved it! It just cheered me up, the colours, the rough-but-delicate way she paints, all the different things she makes, just great! And every time I see or read something about her in the magazines and on the internet I get the same butterflies-in-my-stomach-feeling again and very badly want to do something creative.

And you all know how it’s like: you got inspired, you walk to your working space (studio, computer, drawing table)…and nothing happens, you sit there for over an hour…and nothing happens.
So I brought this nice picture TO my working space….
And you know what? It almost worked today. I pinned two pieces of fabric together. Unfortunately my computer demanded took the rest of the time.