mac ‘n pyrex®

I’d like to share my creation/submission for the Make Art That Sells A course, by Lilla Rogers. With a variety of painted pasta, herbs and simple pyrex inspired bowls I illustrated three possible tea towels with the given theme ‘Macaroni and Pyrex®’ for the bolt fabric market.









I promised you another exercise from the ‘MATS mini assignment archive’. Shoes!

The exercise was about drawing your shoes for no longer than approx. 15 minutes. I decided to do it all in watercolour, the same I used for the other mini. Just to have another go on the material I normally never work with.

This is where I came up with:






I actually liked this exercise/experiment a lot, learned a bit more about watercolour and about myself: I’m not patient enough with watercolours… I wanted to rush over it till I’ve the whole shoe on paper, so thoughtful detailed lines and perfect dark shoe-insides won’t be found here…

The watercolours I used aren’t the best either. I shot these photos the same evening I painted them, pages still wet while sticking them on my wall…. (you know, not that patient…) The following day the paint dried up very flat and cloudy….

MATS mini exercise – socks

This Black Friday/Cyber Weekend I decided to get the Lilla Rogers illustration course Make Art That Sells part A and B (short, MATS A/B). Yay!

I shared some work on the blog when I followed her course MATS Bootcamp. Loved to do it, but missed a few deadlines because of my busy schedule at that moment. This MATS A/B course (more or less a portfolio builder) is self-paced and consists of +/- 70 assignments and exercises, so loads to learn, to work on and to share!

Before I will start the course I’d like to be comfortable again with doing small exercises, to loosen up. This year a few of those mini assignments were shared by the ‘MATS-school’. This is one of them:


MF-matsprep-socks-without back

For this one I set some rules/guidelines:
– I used squared paper I collected from old stamp books from my grandpa (which I never used before and have loads of…)
– draw approx. 5 or 6 socks per page
– work with felt pen, randomly pick four colours for each sheet of paper
– vary in colour and pattern per sock
– keep it simple
– to (extra) clarify it’s a series: sheepishly number the page, write down all the colours, the paper, and sign it.

After one hour I finished the socks and this morning I added the background with some old fashioned water colours (a left over from my childhood which I have never used again until now).





And….While making pictures with my Instagram app, I accidentally tapped a black and white filter…check this out….I find it a pretty cool unexpected effect…


LR Bootcamp #5 – Digital Nomad

And….while we’re at it… (I’ll keep it short)

For the fifth and last assignment of the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015, I made an (online) editorial illustration on ‘Digital Nomads.’ When searching for inspirational pictures I just concentrated on (nomadic) tents and all the beautiful decorations on people’s skin, clothing and jewelry in pictures of ‘far away cultures’.

This week I finally added a background to my illustration, so now it’s completed and ready to share. The patterns and jewelry she’s wearing are made of the iconical internet logos like ‘www’, wifi, email and the google maps pin. It’s made with acrylics and pencil to let the details in the illustration stand out more. (I also used some golden paint to add a bit more richness to the decorations)


And some details:






LR BOOTCAMP #4 Marine mashup

I’d like to share the result of the 4th assignment of the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015.
“Marine Mash-up: design some plates by combining crustaceans and a pattern/patterns.”

I started again a Pin-board:

The first thing I noticed about these creatures was that their proportions didn’t seem right.
Small animals, big hair-do, large bodies, small limbs, cranky ‘faces’, bright colours, etc, etc.
So of course I had to do something with that. I exaggerated the things a bit more.

This time I haven’t got loads of pictures of my sketching process. I sketched about five different crustaceans, chose three best good looking, and started to paint. I used East Indian Ink and acrylics, that’s about it.





For the pattern-bit I created loads of shapes in different colours, from yellow to brown-red.
I decided to create a classic pattern with repeats… Hmm…no…. I’d rather not.
So I created some graphical patterns with pencil (which you can see in the background and on the plates) and carefully ‘blobbed’ the coloured elements on top of the illustrations.
I thought: It’s a colourful workshop (when you know the illustrators Lilla Rogers represent), so why don’t use some colours, get out of your comfort zone….

I sent this one in, but it was too much out of my comfort zone…I didn’t like it at all…
That’s also the reason why I’m sharing it now, four months later. I just had to do something more with it…


…or something les…

Actually I’m not very fond if these kind of combinations on china, I’d rather prefer patterns OR illustrations, and in this case just the illustrations. In the nearby future I want to print these moody crustaceans on plates for real. If you’d like a set, they’ll come in three…