Confetti WEEKLY #19 and #20


WEEKLY #20 – For Nike Confetti went to London, i.a. to install a skateboard wall with artwork by London based illustrator James Jarvis for Nike SB’s new collection.

Because I respect James Jarvis’ artwork/rights I didn’t make an exact copy of his artwork in the illustration, all the credits go to him (it says in the illustration as well). If you want to see his work just visit his website or check out the Nike Store in London yourself!



WEEKLY 19# – Confetti is working on a Tour de France related project for a store in Utrecht (Netherlands) where the Tour will start this summer. For who? TOP SECRET!

Confetti WEEKLY #16 and #17

These are the two latest WEEKLY’s!
Week 15 – We’ve just got back from Paris and are already preparing to visit London to do some cool stuff (work)!

Week 14 – Happy Easter!