mac ‘n pyrex®

I’d like to share my creation/submission for the Make Art That Sells A course, by Lilla Rogers. With a variety of painted pasta, herbs and simple pyrex inspired bowls I illustrated three possible tea towels with the given theme ‘Macaroni and Pyrex®’ for the bolt fabric market.








LR Bootcamp #5 – Digital Nomad

And….while we’re at it… (I’ll keep it short)

For the fifth and last assignment of the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015, I made an (online) editorial illustration on ‘Digital Nomads.’ When searching for inspirational pictures I just concentrated on (nomadic) tents and all the beautiful decorations on people’s skin, clothing and jewelry in pictures of ‘far away cultures’.

This week I finally added a background to my illustration, so now it’s completed and ready to share. The patterns and jewelry she’s wearing are made of the iconical internet logos like ‘www’, wifi, email and the google maps pin. It’s made with acrylics and pencil to let the details in the illustration stand out more. (I also used some golden paint to add a bit more richness to the decorations)


And some details:






LR Bootcamp #1 journal cover


In an earlier post I mentioned I enrolled Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015. Last Sunday (25th of January) was the deadline of the first assignment: Be inspired by Edwardian brooches and create a journal cover. I missed the deadline because of having another schedule, so I just finished it.

The photo above is, as you can see, a kind of chaotic working space with sketches made earlier, the assignment, my moodboards in a sketchbook and some of the painted elements.

My moodboards by colour. There’s also a red page, but I didn’t use it.
Keywords: bugs/insects, jewelry, brooches, Edwardian, Jugendstil, gems.
I collected them all from Pinterest.

I really liked the example of the bug brooches which were given as an example in the assignment and I have always loved the close-up photos of bugs (yes, the photos, not the real living ones…). The sketch above shows a grown ant lion, which I ones made as a study for my own logo (fourmilion), so this was the decisive reason to illustrate a bug.

MF-LR1-painted items
These are the painted items for my journal cover.

The result for the “dragonfly” cover.

MF-LRB1-dragonfly-journalAnd a simple mock-up on a notebook cover.

I really liked doing this first assignment with this theme, so I’m thinking of painting more bug jewelry to make a collection out of it.

If you like you can check the results of my fellow students who díd send in their work on time: LR Bootcamp Gallery January 2015.