De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2016

My cauliflower has been included in ‘De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender’!
This huge block calendar (weighs about 3kg and is almost A3 size large) and holds a variety of 366 works by local artists, illustrators, photographers, architects, writers, fashion designers, and other creatives.





Today I was scrolling through my ‘Feedly feeds’, and the first thing I stumbled upon was this:

Carmen Mok Studio

These lovely ink drawings are made by Carmen Mok, a Canada based artist and illustrator. She posted these because of ‘InkTober’. Artists from all over the world participate by drawing one ink drawing a day during the month October, so I learned. She’s participating as well with these cute illustrations and she’ll be sharing more of her drawings as these are just 16 out of 31.

Maybe I’ll pick up a something-for so long-drawing project again myself, because to be honest: this looks great together!

To see her post and updates about InkTober and to read more about Carmen Mok and her work, please check out her website.

Illustrator Jake Parker is (if I’m correct) the man behind this initiative. To check out more ‘Inktober’ entries you can check the social media with hashtag #inktober.

(Thanks For sharing Carmen Mok!)