The second, and last, assignment in the Make It In Design Winterschool 2017 was creating a pattern with the theme: OPULENT, WONDROUS NATURE, with the words in mind “animals”, “eclectic”and historical”. (Click here to check out the first one.)

I’ve chosen to draw (fantasy) insects with a touch of Jugendstil details and some soft colours. This time I did a mock-up, just to see how it would be on a wall….also because I found the photo was very suitable for this pattern ;).


My moodboard (pictures via Pinterest; credits for the original makers, of course).




After inking all the illustrations with the help of my lightbox, I scanned them in, cleaned them up in Photoshop and made a composition in Illustrator.



I coloured the pattern in photoshop and voilá…
The first picture is the repeat pattern tile (quite a big one…).


This mock-up photo was course material, provided by Make It In Design.
Would you decorate your home with this wallpaper?

Vice Versa



The first brief for the Make It In Design (MIID) Winter School 2017 was about
GLAM, theme:  BOHO ROCK.
I found my inspiration in the 70’s rock era, with the colourful music, pop/rock-icons, fashion, movies and sexual/ transsexual/ spiratual lifestyle. I tried to bring back this men and women cross-pollination in my illustration. For that reason I called my pattern VICE VERSA.

(With a special ode to the movie A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick and artist Salvador Dalí.)







Colour_Collective #GOLD

Colour_Collective is on Twitter and provides a colour for every week. The challenge is to create an illustration/image with that colour. Medium and subject is up to the maker. At the beginning of the week a colour is given, seven days later all the participants will share their work on twitter and other social media with the same hashtag.

This is my first “Colour_Collective” illustration  #gold.



Kaleidoscopic patterns with wine


The other ‘social business’ I had yesterday, was with my good friend Tessa.
We went to Sprank Interior projects where Prints van Oranje provided a workshop in collaboration with Leoxx about surface pattern design, from paper to interior textiles and floor coverings. It was very interesting and I learned a lot of new things about this industry. I would love to design prints for interiors, big ánd small!

I was especially interested by the MEMPHIS trend, back in the 80s, from which they showed some pictures. It’s also very trending at this moment again…
I typed it in the Pinterest search bar for you to have a look…


After soaking up all the information about prints, patterns, different kind of textiles, floor coverings, prices, squared meters, etc. it was time to cut and paste our own ‘start of a pattern’ in small teams. Prints van Oranje would play with our “amazing artworks” and make a repeat pattern of it.

Today I played with our artwork too, and these are the results….
(I can go on and on with this, but I won’t……right now…it’s addictive…)