Patterns around the house #July’16

The 15th of July I’ve started a weekly Instagram project to get more pattern minded. Last year and this year I found myself buying more clothing with patterns all over it. It’s a nice contrast seeing them laying between my dark colored stuff in the closet and I find it a nice change to wear them as well!

To get even more pattern minded (for creative purpose) I thought I’d collect them as well, captured in a pic as reference material. And I thought, like many people do, Instagram is a good medium for this…It brightens my account too!

So…every week a pattern, shared on Instagram (and Facebook) and I’ll post them once a month on this blog, categorized ‘PATTERNS AROUND THE HOUSE’, found in the right menu.

This one’s for July!


Pillow cushion on the couch.


Tablecloth on the balcony table.


Puppets my mother brought me once from one of her travels.

Yet again a new Recycle Hero is born

Let’s give our new Recycle Hero, born on the 1th of July a warm applause!!!
Although….I don’t think she’ll be needing it….

She likes to sunbathe and doing nothing but parade in her bikini and her golden jewelry. I’m not sure yet what kind of things we can expect from her and I certainly don’t think we’ll be seeing much of her during fall and winter time in the Netherlands.







I made this little Hero for my niece as a ‘baptism’ present (water, gold and crosses on the bikini).

Recycle Hero #11

A new Recycle Hero has landed on the Earth on the 29th of August 2015.
This headstrong Hero is a great add to the ‘Recycle Hero-collection’.

She just loves to read books! Over and over again, more, more, more. Her head is never too full for words. She also makes notes of everything she stumbles upon and collects them in her
denim jumper with pockets on top and hidden underneath.

There’s only one, kind of funny, maybe a bít crazy thing about her….
She only reads books and uses paper in the colour she’s wearing that day….hmm…..








Recycle Hero #9

Shorty after Recycle Hero #8, number 9 was born, on the 15th of March 2015. Cookie Monster pales by the comparison of this cheeky little fellow. After he was ready he was brought into the living room and the first thing he did was diving in the cookie jar! Ate it all up in no time! His big eyes are totally focussed on cookies, even through the gift wrap. So, new owner: beware…….. Not sure what his power will be in the future…maybe something like ‘taking away the fun of all eating contests, because he will win anyway?’ Well…we’ll see…







A Recycle Hero is born!


My first Recycle Hero (#2) is born on the 29th of March. It’s a new (but on my to-do list for ages) project to recycle my (and my boyfriends) old clothes and make heroic puppets from it for kids. (More of this project will follow). I made this one for my little niece who turned two last week.


The legs are almost as long as her own legs.