confetti weekly #45 – week 46

The latest Weekly is about Confetti being proud of all the ‘Confetties’ who made it in to the big block calendar ‘De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2016’.


De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2016

My cauliflower has been included in ‘De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender’!
This huge block calendar (weighs about 3kg and is almost A3 size large) and holds a variety of 366 works by local artists, illustrators, photographers, architects, writers, fashion designers, and other creatives.




Confetti WEEKLY #36 – week 34

For the last couple of weeks Confetti realized a kitchen in the shape of a saucepan(!) for cooking supply shop Kookpunt in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The result is fantastic, I must say.

Confetti WEEKLY #35 week 33

Last week Confetti created signage, printed on wood, for Beerfestival HOP in Rotterdam.
“Who is that man”, I can hear you thinking…. The festival was located in the Wijkpark where the ‘Giant of Rotterdam’ lives. It’s a statue of a very tall man who used to live in Rotterdam, back in the days…


Confetti WEEKLY #27 week 25


Last week Confetti did a nice job for VOPAKs big 400-YEARS-of-existence-party.
They are the world’s largest independent tank terminal operator with almost 400 years of experience in storage and transshipment (quoted from their website).

The little men in Amsterdam I ‘copied’ from an illustration and a very nice animation which tells the history of the hat in their logo: