Illustrations for sale!

These three illustrations are now a fact as giclee prints with shiny paint on top!
There are only 10 of each, signed and numbered, so grab yours in my new etsy shop MFPETITEBOUTIQUE!MFPETITE-etsygifje-rug-prints

Intergalantic Worms – the series

Back from holiday! And time to share my last project with you:
Right before my holiday Uppercase Magazine called for submissions for it’s new Surface Pattern Design Guide Vol. 2 book! During the online course, by Lilla Rogers, I already created a pattern design for the cover of this book, as an assignment and contest in cooperation with Uppercase Magazine.

This design I used as my first in a series of repeat patterns to submit. The next five images I created in a very simplistic and analog way, as seen in Julia Rothmans Skillshare class. (Draw on a square paper in the middle to the edges, cut the paper in four, tape them together again in some kind of cross-way, so that the undrawn edges become the middle, and finish/fill up the rest of the paper and colour.)






(Here you can see the galaxy from inside the worms, through the eyes and mouth.)




Served In Cold Blood


The result of my second assignment from the course Make Art That Sells, by Lilla Rogers.
Description: be inspired by Staffordshire pottery and create plates for the Home Decor market.

When I read about Staffordshire pottery I got interested by the fact they also used to make pottery of talk-of-the-town news, like elections, celebrities, family dramas, murder cases…
With the last one I instantly thought of the book ‘In Cold Blood’, by Truman Capote, and the movie ‘Capote’, played by Philip Seymour Hoffmann.
Since I was fascinated by the murder story, the book, Capote as a person and the actor Seymour Hoffman, I decided to turn these plates into an ode to them.

For this piece I used acrylics and gouache.
The newspaper is the Volkskrant which I photographed at home.

If you like you can check out this gallery to see the work of my fellow ‘students’.


Project Sketchbook 2016

One of my new years resolutions was start working in a real sketchbook.
I decided I want to draw more, to create material for what so ever (illustrations, patterns (collection), collage, maybe for clients or self-initiated projects). I think it’s more fun than only focussing on making things for the given assignments (by clients or courses).
But when I want to work in a freely way I still need restrictions or guidelines to stay on track, I think that’s because I want to know it’s for some reason, rather than just doing stuff….hm… quite contradictory, isn’t it?

This is Project Sketchbook 2016:

I started with an image in my head, drew it, and every next page should be related in some sort of way, wether it’s a detail made into a pattern, a texture, emotion, things from a dream that’s related in a way, strangeness, perspective, whatever. I’m allowed to add new things. When I cannot think of anything else, this relation-illustration is done and I can use it like it is or use selected things for patterns/ a collection, collage or whatever…

Here are the first six pages. I will share new pages whenever they’re ready to share, I made a category for it, which you can find in the left menu. 


MATS mini exercise – socks

This Black Friday/Cyber Weekend I decided to get the Lilla Rogers illustration course Make Art That Sells part A and B (short, MATS A/B). Yay!

I shared some work on the blog when I followed her course MATS Bootcamp. Loved to do it, but missed a few deadlines because of my busy schedule at that moment. This MATS A/B course (more or less a portfolio builder) is self-paced and consists of +/- 70 assignments and exercises, so loads to learn, to work on and to share!

Before I will start the course I’d like to be comfortable again with doing small exercises, to loosen up. This year a few of those mini assignments were shared by the ‘MATS-school’. This is one of them:


MF-matsprep-socks-without back

For this one I set some rules/guidelines:
– I used squared paper I collected from old stamp books from my grandpa (which I never used before and have loads of…)
– draw approx. 5 or 6 socks per page
– work with felt pen, randomly pick four colours for each sheet of paper
– vary in colour and pattern per sock
– keep it simple
– to (extra) clarify it’s a series: sheepishly number the page, write down all the colours, the paper, and sign it.

After one hour I finished the socks and this morning I added the background with some old fashioned water colours (a left over from my childhood which I have never used again until now).





And….While making pictures with my Instagram app, I accidentally tapped a black and white filter…check this out….I find it a pretty cool unexpected effect…