flashback friday #10

Just because I was looking for a new profile picture for Facebook (read: long time ago updated last) and as I took this common selfie on holiday and was behind with my Flashback Friday schedule anyway, I just add number 10 to the list!


At the rooftop of Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.
Back in the summer of 2016.

flashback friday #4


An OMG-girly pink restroom door in a truckstop at the border of Portugal and Spain, on our way from Porto to Salamanca by bus (6,5 hours drive surrounded by sweating visitors of a festival which had just ended…). This was last year.


This is the third blog edition of ‘Patterns around the house’.
(Click here for the first one and the second one)


Patterns-on-holiday 3: Spanish patternmash in tiles at one of the (touristic) entrances of Toledo.


From the book ‘Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel’, page “Acephala, Muscheln”.


Chocolate wrap from the World of Snor, the Netherlands.


Texture close-up of my unfinished coat, which I “self-padded” with the sewing machine.

confetti weekly #44 – week 45

From last week on Confetti is preparing for some TOP SECRET job near the Ramblas in Barcelona! The execution will take place at the beginning of December this year.
The living statues at the front were still in my memory from 15 years ago when I visited Barcelona with my mother.