Confetti WEEKLY #28 week 26

This week Confetti Reclame worked i.a. for Vijf890 and provided over forty BBQs with a Nike SB logo for Civilist (a shop in Berlin, Germany). It balances on an ‘astroturf’ ball (concrete versus grass) made for a Nike campaign in the shop Overkill (Berlin) during the Champions League (held in Berlin this year). A very Nike-Berlin minded WEEKLY!


MIID Summer School – Brief #3 – part 2

Well…..I still can’t believe it, but within a few hours since my first post today, I can tell you that I just submitted my design! Where are the moments of stress and sweat and tears? I don’t know! I didn’t have them! What a great way to start my holiday!

In part 1 I showed you the sketches I made to play with in photoshop. Below you’ll find the ones I used for the submitted work. It was like cooking with sketches, choose the ingredients, mix it up with some blending options and smile at the result. I could work on more patterns, try some different things, make a repeating pattern… But as this is the beginners brief I don’t have to do that just yet. But I liked working with these elements so much I might work on some more patterns (repeating) and maybe I’ll try some mock-ups, etc.


As I’m writing this I suddenly remember that I wanted to add a square-raster. Oh well, that’s something for the next time.


This is the result I submitted, my SPACE-JEWEL pattern! I think when I make some kind of pattern family with it, I can use it as wrapping paper for my MF Petite products in the future, because it fits my Madame Fourmilion identity very well!

Thanks Make It In Design for providing this summer school! I learned a lot, and most importantly: I want to do more patterns!