Recycle Hero #10

Recycle Hero #10 was born on the 5th of July.
Although you might think she must be a super super sunny little girl, she isn’t….
No… She’s a shy, little sprout who’s had a cold from the first day on.
Ai, ai, I here you think, that’s not a good thing for a hero to worry about when you need to save people! You’re right! But she wouldn’t be a hero, if she didn’t know how to deal with it.

She uses her shy glance to confuse her enemies. She has the scarf to deal with the cold and it’s also a great hiding place to spy. As you can see on some of the photos she’s totally…’tranquillité’.








Confetti WEEKLY #18 week 16

Lately I’m busy with a lot of different things which I cannot share yet.
But of course I can share the latest Confetti WEEKLY again!
Translation: “Confetti is charging for the summer (in appropriate style)”


P.S. Can you spot the Captain Planet reference?
Just a little joke I thought of right at the start of the illustration)