Nesting Tables


A DIY tutorial (again, I’m sorry) for pimping up nesting tables, made by Elsie and Emma from abeautifulmess. I really like the colours and patterns they used! Simple, but effective. Click here for the full post and the tutorial.

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DIY Camera Stand

At last the idea popped in my mind to search for a DIY camera stand, as the post title already said. I always see great photos and clips from people showing their books, flipping through them etc, while I always fumble with the pages, half shaded, because I can’t get the (note)books flat without showing my hands. And when scanned, it gives an image which is too flat….

So, after a ‘DIY camara stand’ search on Google I found this:

camera stand


Brilliant, no?
I like the first one better, because you can transform it a bit to fit with the size of your ‘model’ and you can use more photo devices than just your photo camera. (I’m already dreaming of all the books and stop-motion films I’m gonna make…..)

This was posted by LifeOAK staff (click for the tutorials) on the Green Upgrader.

Elastic Strappy Bra

ooh tutorial


This DIY tutorial is made by Operation Overhaul.
If you click on the picture you go directly to the tutorial.
Thanks OOH for sharing!

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How to make a 16 page zine?

Dear Colleen Zine

How to make a 16 page Zine by Dear Colleen. It’s really simple, and most of you will already know how to make one by yourself, but it just looks so nice! Read her full post and download the tutorial. Have fun!

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