Vice Versa



The first brief for the Make It In Design (MIID) Winter School 2017 was about
GLAM, theme:  BOHO ROCK.
I found my inspiration in the 70’s rock era, with the colourful music, pop/rock-icons, fashion, movies and sexual/ transsexual/ spiratual lifestyle. I tried to bring back this men and women cross-pollination in my illustration. For that reason I called my pattern VICE VERSA.

(With a special ode to the movie A Clockwork Orange, by Stanley Kubrick and artist Salvador Dalí.)







Winter School

I’ve won a spot on the Winter School by Make It In Design!


So from January 9th “I’ll be off” doing two pattern assignments during four weeks.
I’m very excited to start the course… To be continued!

(In 2015 I joined their Summer School and it was so much fun!
It was my first real contact with surface pattern design and from there on the fascination got bigger and bigger!)