sketchbook project continues

When there are some blank spaces in your planning you (sometimes) go back to things you once liked so much, but stopped doing because of other priorities. This happened to me last night…

I added a new page to my Project Sketchbook, which I started at the beginning of 2016.


This once is still from 2016…


This is the new one!


After being busy with loads of things at the same time my agenda can finally breath a little.
For me it means I (finally) got some time to share my finished projects on my blog and portfolio website. So first up:

The second assignment from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp 2015:
“Get your inspiration from scenery plates, and create your own ‘wall art’ on wood!”

Like with the first assignment, I started a Pinterest board, to see what’s already out there, and at what kind of style I would be attracted to.

Later on in February I visited Paris and returned to the Picasso Museum (because….I love Picasso!). His goat was there… and, tadaa, that was going to be my theme!

goat picasso(source: Pablo Picasso, by Ingo Walther, Taschen – book)

Because Picasso likes to defragment his objects (like Cubism, you know?) I wanted to try this too, with a little bit of ‘obscurity’. I planned on making four plates with on every one a part of the goat. Below you’ll find some of my work-in-progress photos.


First up: the skecthes. Head, butt, body with some ‘folded’ lambs…and a bird…a leg and some bone decorative edges.


One of my colleagues was so kind to make the four wooden plates(Yay!) and I painted them in a colour I normally would NEVER use if it isn’t necessary. (That was also a test/tip by Lilla Rogers, try some new colour pallets.)


I began with a white layer, so that the colours would come out better.


Then I added the darker colour, for more detail, as you can see.


Again, another darker colour. At this time I struggled with some of the plates, haha.
The deadline to submit was just a few hours away, so….


… I just finished one piece for the gallery. It’s painted with acrylic on wood, and to add more detail I used charcoal (black and white) and pencil.
The other ones I will finish some other time in my life…. I’ll keep you posted.